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After careful deliberation today, I decided to transition to natural.

Recently, I’ve started wearing more curly hairstyles with my relaxed hair and I realized that… I don’t even know what my natural curl pattern looks like. I’ve had relaxed hair since I was seven years old. And since I was seven years old, my hair has never grown past my shoulders. I started to believe that it was impossible to grow my hair at all, but then I started to take more care of my hair and my hair looks thicker and healthier…yet it’s still at my shoulders. I want to be able to embrace my natural hair and wear it curly, but straighten it when I feel like it. After all these years, I had forgotten how versatile African American hair can be, and that was why I got relaxers in the first place.

Now, I’m continuing with my healthy hair journey, but now I’m going to do it with my natural, beautiful kinks and curls. I’m going to be a brand new Brittley when I walk into my dorm room this fall, and this hair transition is the beginning of that larger transition ^__^

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